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A coach who collaborates with diverse individuals and teams across organisations, empowering and engaging them to enhance their professional performance.

• Fully Qualified Coaching Professional (Level 5)
• Member of the Association for Coaching
• Employee Development Coach

I can help you in these particular areas.

My coaching sessions empower clients to find their lightbulb moments through identifying goals and making positive changes.

At Beth Brooke Coaching, I can help facilitate the below by delivering one-to-one or group transformational coaching sessions.
Do you need help to identify & reach your goals?
My coaching services provide expert guidance and support to help individuals in identifying and reaching their goals effectively.
Do you want to make positive changes?
Through my coaching services, I empower individuals to make positive changes, transforming them into happier and more fulfilled versions of themselves.
Do you have barriers that are holding you back?
I specialise in helping individuals to overcome barriers and obstacles helping them achieve their goals and reach new levels of success.

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Me & My Coaching

Having faced and overcome my own personal challenges and adversities, my resilience and strength of character have allowed me to navigate a lengthy and distinguished career within a Local Authority setting spanning over 20 years.

Within the Local Authority, my roles focused on making a difference to the lives of young people living on the Wirral, as well as establishing strong links within the local community and voluntary sector. As Commissioning Officer for Children and Young people, I specialised in statutory services for looked-after children.

I am thoroughly invested in people and their journeys, both personal and professional, spending 10 years as Development Officer at Wirral Play Council where I was able to utilise my sociology degree, focusing on children’s development through the benefits of play.

Isaac's House

Outside of work I have been heavily involved in Isaac’s House for over 10 years, acting as Trustee for this wonderful charity which fundraises to provide access to education and healthcare to and for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Uganda.

Throughout my time in the Local Authority and with Isaac’s House, I developed a keen interest in outcomes, realising that everything I did and could do would have an impact and an outcome: for the children I worked with (both here in the UK and in Uganda), their social workers and the wider communities.

Being outcome focused has allowed me to develop the skills to support and encourage through honesty, transparency, and positive accountability, skills I now use on a daily basis as a transformational coach as a Transformational Coach and Employee Development Coach. The role I play as an Employee Development Coach allows me to utilise my skills to maximise employee development, through providing HR support and carrying out regular coaching sessions. These coaching sessions can help employees see where they fit in in their workplace, as well as ensure that their personal objectives are aligned to those set by the team and the company as a whole.

My services and packages.

Do you feel stuck or lacking motivation at work and in your personal life? Perhaps you want to set goals for yourself, but don’t know where to start, or you have barriers that are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be, personally and professionally? 

With packages available for individuals and organisations, I can help you to identify and reach your desired outcomes through the medium of coaching.
The Clarity Package
£425 for 6 sessions
The Clarity Package is aimed at individuals who have short-term goals and want to reflect on behaviours and embed change.

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed or unchallenged, suffering from low self-esteem or at a crossroads but too afraid to make changes, then the Clarity Package is for you.
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Workplace Coaching Package
£1,500 per person for 8 sessions

Whilst workplace coaching is beneficial for employees across a variety of sectors, this package is recommended for:

  • Local Authority Employees
  • Social Workers

This is due to the pressure and workload employees within this specific sector face daily, which often leads to retention issues.

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Individual Sessions
£75 per session
Individual sessions are exactly what they say on the tin: one-off sessions aimed at individuals who require support with a specific situation, such as those who are dealing with an issue that they don’t know how to overcome.

You may be over-critical of yourself, or you may be looking for a change but don’t know how to approach it. I can help provide the help and support you need through an individual session.
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Specialist Coaching for
Children Looked After (CLA)
Are you an educational provider with CLA on roll? If so, specialist coaching sessions may provide these students with the focus and direction they need to get a head start as they approach independent adult life.
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If you have longer term, multiple or complex goals, then I can support you to navigate and overcome the barriers you are facing so that you can achieve your goals in the form of a Bespoke Barriers Package. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you. Price is based on requirement.
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  • What barrier(s) was I facing?
    When I commenced my Workplace Coaching sessions with Beth, I lacked self-confidence both in and out of work. My lack of confidence impacted my work, as I suffered from “imposter syndrome”; I was often too afraid to ask questions that would help my work, as I was scared that more senior colleagues would think that I couldn’t carry out my job proficiently. I also struggled in situations in which I had a different opinion with colleagues and would find myself going along with that they wanted to avoid possible conflict.
    What did I want to achieve from coaching with Beth?
    I knew I wanted to build of my self-belief and confidence so that I would feel equal to colleagues and be able to ask questions in large groups, as well as to have the confidence to voice my opinion regardless of whether it was different to others.
    What were the outcomes for me?
    Thanks to Beth’s coaching sessions, I was able to take myself out of my comfort zone and confront the barriers holding me back head on. As a result, my confidence has increased massively, and I am able to ask questions to senior colleagues and in front of large groups with ease. Colleagues have commented on my new approach, and I feel more productive in my job, as I no longer struggle trying to find an answer alone. I am also able to voice my opinion on important matters without fearing confrontation. My manager has also benefited, as Beth held 360 feedback meetings where my manager was able to ask questions about my progress with Beth present. I found this holistic approach particularly useful as it helped to align my manager and me. I can’t thank Beth enough for what she has done for me, I’m so much happier and more confident because of her coaching sessions.
    Workplace Coachee, Children’s Services, Local Authority
  • What barrier(s) was I facing?
    I lacked assertiveness and confidence, which affected my motivation levels. Not only did this impact my job role, but also my overall wellbeing.
    What did I want to achieve from coaching with Beth?
    I wanted to build on my confidence so that I could be more assertive when it is needed. I also had a goal of being able to better manage confrontational and difficult situations.
    What were the outcomes for me?
    My coaching sessions are still ongoing, but since I started, I have already seen a massive improvement in how I approach and deal with difficult situations. In the past, when faced with a difficult situation, I would feel totally out of my comfort zone and the problem would become, to me, a complicated mess. Since starting coaching, I have come to realise that problems often aren’t as big as I thought, and much more achievable to resolve than I have ever realised. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with the wonderful Beth to see how far I can go, and I cannot thank her enough for helping me as much as she has already.
    Workplace Coachee, Children’s Services, Local Authority
  • What barrier(s) was I facing?
    When lockdown happened and I moved from a busy working environment to working from home, I struggled, like many people, with the solitude. I am someone who thrives on office life, and given the line of work we are in, I believe sharing work placed achievements with colleagues is a great way to process our days. With lockdown, this was taken away. I felt that working from home impacted me massively, as losing my colleagues meant I also lost my routine and working rhythm. I would find myself spending more time worrying about the work I had to do than actually doing the work and would have to cram my working week into 3 days as a result.
    What did I want to achieve from coaching with Beth?
    I wanted to carry out my role as effectively as possible; I didn’t want to sit thinking of what I had to do, I wanted to be able to just do it. I wanted to better my organisation skills so that I wouldn’t make things harder for myself.
    What were the outcomes for me?
    Beth really helped me to break things down. She has such a supportive personality, and she gave me gentle pushes to find solutions myself. Who knew that something as simple as colour coordinating my diary could be so useful?! I am now much more organised and focused, and I am able to prioritise my workload exactly how I had wanted to. I no longer try to juggle multiple tasks; I have the ability to focus, and I don’t feel like I’m drowning in work tasks anymore. Beth really made me accountable, and she checked in regularly to see how I was doing. I’m so grateful to her for giving me the clarity I needed and would thoroughly recommend her as a coach.
    Workplace Coachee, Adult Social Care, Local Authority
  • What barrier(s) was I facing?
    I was new to a role, and having come from a different background, I was struggling with imposter syndrome. I found I was putting barriers in place for myself, and allowing my thought processes to influence how I felt about myself and how I could do my job.
    What did I want to achieve from coaching with Beth?
    I wanted to develop confidence and change my thought processes. I’m a natural people pleaser and hate letting people down; I wanted to learn how to set boundaries but in a positive way.
    What were the outcomes for me?
    Thanks to Beth, I was able to understand and adapt my thought processes. This has led to a huge improvement in my confidence, both personally and in how I carry out my job. Beth helped me realise that it is ok to ask for help, and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. I also learnt how to adapt my language; I have stopped apologising for things out of my control.
    Beth’s coaching has helped me so much. I now no longer put too much pressure on myself to run before I can walk, and I appreciate the small wins in a way I never have before!
    Workplace Coachee, Children’s Services, Local Authority
  • What barrier(s) was I facing?
    My biggest barriers when I started coaching were my time management and my inability to say no to people. I’d often find myself in situations where I would allow people to deviate away from normal processes as I wouldn’t want to say no to them. I’d spend so much time helping other people, to the detriment of my own time and my own workload.
    What did I want to achieve from coaching with Beth?
    First and foremost, I wanted to change my behaviour and be more productive with my time. I still wanted to help people, but I wanted to do so without it having an impact on my own work, leaving me feeling overwhelmed.
    What were the outcomes for me?
    I couldn’t have imagined how positive the outcomes would be for me. Coaching with Beth was so beneficial that I am now training to be a Coach myself, as I’ve experienced first hand how much of an impact it can have. That’s all down to Beth; there are no words that can accurately describe the level of support she gave to me on my coaching journey. She is non-judgemental and unopinionated; she guided me to finding the solutions to my problems myself and for me, it was an incredibly empowering experience. I achieved all I set out to do, and much more. My colleagues have noticed the change in me and my increased confidence too!
    Workplace Coachee, SEND Commissioning Officer, Local Authority


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